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Address : Tawala, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines
Reservation Number : +63-38 502 9047
Office Number : +63-38 502 9085
Telefax : +63-38 502 9005

  • Price range
  • $41 - $63 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)

Bohol Divers Resort

Sun drenched white sand beach. Powder white sea shores, cystal clear seas, sizzling warm sea breeze. Find your vacation a one different experience with us.
Relaxing and romantic that may last a lifetime.
Our resort will make sure that everything has the ambiance of a tropical atmosphere where dining and leisure come as one just beside the beach front.

A white sand beach, crystal clear seas, long strech beach fronts, are some of the attributes of Alona Beach where the Bohol Divers Resort is strategically situated.For a more satisfying experience with us, we have added some services like 2 Swimming Pools, Restaurant, U Bar - beach Bar, Bohol Divers Club Dive Center, Outdoor Games Facilities, Safety Deposit Boxes, Laundry Services, Transfer Assistance Massage Services, Beach Volleyball, WIFI - Internet Access.Divers and snorklers can enjoy the rich ecosystem of the seas. Diving can be a unique experience in Panglao and the neighboring island of Balicasag, a world Renown diving spot.Dolphin watching is just a few minutes away during the early morning or the late afternoon the whole year round, while the whale watching on a seasonal bases, mostly march or summer time.Other vacation experience awaits you on a bohol day tour. See the smallest living primate which is the Tarsier, cruise and dine in Loboc River and see the world Geographical Monument, the world Famous Chocolate Hills!


2007 -2009 REVIEWS


Lonely Planet review
At the quiet end of the beach, this popular resort is set around a nice garden and freshwater swimming pool. There’s a wide range of accommodation, from inexpensive concrete fan rooms to pricier villas. It’s affiliated with Philippine Islands Divers.


Trip Advisors Reviews

jga37 Florida
Reviewed August 23, 2009
Nice Resort, nice staff, nice beach, good food, reasonable price, good diving
I stayed here with my wife and a couple of relatives from Cebu. I was very surprised at how good the food was and the friendliness of the staff both in the resort and at the dive shop. Panglao is still relatively undeveloped and a little remote from Bohol, just the way we like it. We had 2 rooms chateau R and P. R has a water view. Had A/C and hot water. Really enjoyed our stay and will return again in the future. They have 2 swimming pools, 2nd story restaurant overlooking the white sandy beach, a tiki bar and very nice landscaping. If you enjoy scuba diving you will enjoy the wall diving and the friendliness of the both the dive master and his staff.
Stayed: August 2009, traveled as a couple


Reviewed November 29, 2009

Where do I start...We had booked one night last minute, over the phone, and were told this was fine, arrived late to the hotel and the receptionist could not locate our booking. 'Fortunately' there were rooms still available. Walking through the resort we were pleased, the pool, rooms and bar looked pretty nice, we had booked in to a superior budget fan room @P800.

Again the gardens were lovely outside the room, and then we went in.

Now we have been traveling and have stayed in pretty bad places but this took the biscuit. The room was pretty basic and we had one broken fan and no toilet seat!!! The shower was pretty much on top of the toilet too. The walls were marked, not very clean, and the pillows were moldy and smelly.

Never mind, its one night, lets go to dinner.
We arrive in the restaurant to be told (after wandering around aimlessly for somewhere to sit) that we should take our dinner by the bar. I order the veg stirfry, my boyfriend orders a pizza. The pizza arrives, it must have been the smallest one in the world!! Barely cooked and tastes awful. My stirfry arrives and I wait for my rice. After a while I decide to ask where this is, and am told that this dish does not come with rice even though it says so on the menu!!

We have a bucket of beer (the only good thing about this place) and then decide to ask reception if they can change our room to one with a toilet seat!! They oblige (don't apologize) and just give us a key to the room next door. Room 50 is no better than 49 but it does have a toilet seat and a lamp! Wooooooooo

We check out the next morning and see that our key is actually for an "Economy" room which is only P600 (when we booked they said there were none available.) We were not prepared to pay P800 for a room that was actually only meant to be P600, so we mentioned this and were informed that a Superior room has a double bed!? Whatever. This coupled with the fact that the 1night stay was just plain awful made me begrudge even handing over P600!!

Trust us you can find good cheap accommodation on Alona Beach if your willing (and have the time) to look around and ask to view rooms before staying, cheap affordable rooms do not have to be awful! This place was.

PS: After moving we went back to their Dive Shop to inquire about their Dive Masks for sale... We asked if they had any and were promptly shown a plastic molded snorkeling set! Hmmmmm....
Stayed: November 2009, traveled as a couple


Diverleigh   washington DC
Reviewed June 2, 2009
Pretty good - but no water
This is probably the most attractive resort along alona beach, except for Oasis resort but that is over 200$/night. the layout is nice with two great pools. The front desk is not very helpful getting you pesos for your money but they will call a taxi and do laundry etc.... There is no running water to speak of in the chateau "B" , just a cold trickle from a hose other than that the rooms are pretty good. If you really want to save money you could stay at the "Phillipine Island Divers" portion of the resort where you share a bathroom and just have a fan. This is wear their employees stay. Breakfast is pretty good but if you are a male you may get flirted with by a gay waiter there.
Stayed: March 2009, traveled solo


Russ-McD Southampton, United Kingdom
Reviewed May 3, 2009
Value accommodation available in a well located area.

We stumbled across the Bohol Divers Resort on the recommendation of a local taxi driver. Its not easility located as it sits at the Western end of Alona beach, but some way off the main road down a dirt track. The fare to reach it from Tagbilaran, by tricycle was 200 Pesos after a little negotiation. (We did find later that taxi drivers get a commission for dropping guests off, so maybe if you made your own way there, the room rate could be negotiable).

Nice reception area, and a multitude of rooms available from P800 - P3500. We were backpacking so went for the cheapest, and were led along the beach to some fan cooled Nipa cottages at the far end of the resort. They were clean and functional, and proved that "cheap" accomodation was available in the comparativly expensive Alona beach area. The resort sits on the beach, and has a nice pool. There are 2-3 independant dive shops that are situated within the confines of the resort, and a few stores for everyday items.

When strolling along the beach, head East, and a 20 min walk will take you past a multitude of other hotels, beach bars, & restaurants, all ideal for spending the evening in different establishments. I cant recommend the food here as we didnt eat in the hotel, but the bar was bright and had cheery staff. Beers were around P60 which is typical for this area.

In summary, if you want a cheap night in an expensive resort area, this should fit the bill.
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Stayed: April 2009, traveled with friends


Ahpao  Toronto
Reviewed August 13, 2008
Not worth the money!!
First of all, the price is crazy - 6000php for 4 people not including any meals at all, not even breakfast! We were a group of 7, so we had to be 500php for the 3 extra person but were given only 2 extra mattress even though payment was made for 3.

So, anyways, we got ready to go to the beach and guess what?? There isn't any blue water or white sand to be found anywhere...the beach was infact dirty, no wonder we saw more people swimming at the pool than at the beach!! It was really disappointing to find out that the beach is not as expected, as you see in the picture ...the blue water & white sand!

BUT...that night, we were told that there would be a buble party near the bar facing the to cheer ourselves up, we went to the restaurant for was ok...reasonable pricing & portion..there was a live band singing...really enjoyed that...the BUBBLE party started at 10pm....AND THAT WAS THE BEST PART OF THE STAY!! We all had a good time for the party...

I would not go back to this resort if I happen to be in Bohol again. I was told the best place to stay in Bohol is the Bohol Beach Club Resort, that's where the best stretch of beach is located with the beautiful white sand & blue water. It is more expensive but I would rather pay a little more to get the best than to pay alot and get nothing!
Stayed: August 2008


Neiner  Atl
Reviewed June 12, 2008
more plus than negative .. minor issues

stayed at this place for 2 days. The lady who we made the reservations quoted us a different price over the phone. When it was time to checked out , the lady in the front desk charged me a different price . I told her such and such told me over the phone it was this much. she said we are going to charged that person the specific d amount if you dont pay what is the actual price .. it just wasnt worth haggling over it ..
anyways the Villa was so close to the beach.-that was a plus .
but the toilet smells and the water is salt water and the shower faucet was not working very well.. we used the bucket they left in the tub to store water so we didnt have to wait.
Swimming pool - that was nice and close . its a plus.
Beach- it was nice and very close . clean
Restaurant- food was good also . got to know the folks who worked at the restaurant and they were very nice and friendly .
same goes to the folks who was working at the Sundry shop. but they were overpriced . u can purchased the same bottle of water at the next resort and it is 10 pesos cheaper .

if you are planning to go . make sure to bring a towel with you. the one they provided was so thin and very old .. my kitchen towel dish rag is better .

all in all . there are probably nicer place to stay but i didnt have much time to look ... i am sure the other rooms were much nicer than the VIlla . the ony good thing about the VIlla is, it is close to the swimming pool and the beach ... i will probably check the room first before agreeing in staying .
Stayed: May 2008, traveled with family


Shuty Australia
Reviewed November 19, 2007
Loved it...
This is also my second time in Bohol divers resort, but first for my 2 kids and partner.
This place gives you the time to actually relax and enjoy your companies. It is also very cheap, oh make sure you book the Chalet. Its bigger space and you can cook your own food. But the shower needs fixing as the water flow is very slow, that goes for the bath, forget having a bath!. Over all its a wonderful place to hide.
Stayed: September 2007, traveled with family